About Kingnet

Basic information on the Party organization

In September 2014, the Party Branch of Shanghai Kingnet Technology Co. Ltd. was officially founded. With steady development of the company, the Party organization has been expanding. In June 2021, the Party Branch was promoted to be the General Party Branch of Kingnet Network Co., Ltd., and it is in charge of 3 party branches and 85 Party members, among whom 90% are members with bachelor or higher academic degree and 84% were born after 1985. Shen Jun, Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of the company also serves as the Secretary of the General Party Branch, and Qian Junfa, Director, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors, serves as the Deputy Secretary. The other 3 members are supervisors of the core departments of the company, who are members of the General Party Branch and secretaries of the Party branches.

The General Party Branch of Kingnet pays high attention to development of both "Party organization and Party work" in Party building, gives full play to its leading power as a pioneer, integrates Party building into the corporate culture and business, and deeply implants the red gene into the company, in order to build a special Party building brand in the online game company. This organization leads the Party members and young employees on the right path, gathers the collective strength of the young people, establishes a training platform for the young key staff, and use the advantage of Party building as the driving force for corporate development. As an Internet enterprise in the new business form, the company always works hard on ideological guidance and unification, which is always a key objective of the Party building efforts of Kingnet. Under the leadership of the Party, the company vigorously fulfills its social responsibility and perseveres in contributing to public welfare endeavors. The company strives to create the quality games to support socialist ideological and ethical progress, vigorously participates in improving the online moral environment, persists in civilized and self-disciplined online behaviors, and contributes to creating a benign network environment.

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